Previous Visiting Scholars

Visiting Scholars from Previous Years



Name Title Email Area of Research Faculty Host Appointed
Kristin Aarland Senior Researcher, University College of Applied Sciences, Norway Low income mortgage performance, contrasting the drivers of default and risk in Norway and exploring strategies for imprving outcomes Carolina Reid 8/2015-7/2016
Alfonso Valenzuela Aguilera Professor of Urban Planning, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) Urban design, with a focus on public space and social control of space Ananya Roy 2010-2011
Noura Alkhalili PhD Candidate, Lund University Urban Geography, urban sociology, urban ethnography, refugee studies and borders. Noura’s PhD research is concerned with the auto-production of spaces beyond the official boundaries of Palestinian refugee camps with reference to the political time. She investigates squatting and encroachment dynamics, land ownership and the emerging collisions, contestations and reconciliations. Nezar AlSayyad 2/1/2014-5/31/2014
Bruce Appleyard

ITS, Workshop Leader, Assistant Professor, San Deigo State University Transportation; urban design; land use; housing; economic development Faculty Host: Robert Cervero 9/1/2013-9/1/2014
Brunella Angeli

Teach and Research Fellow, Politecnico di Milano, Milano, Italy International expositions Andrew Swanken 10/18/2013-10/14/2014
Mohammad Mehdi Azizi

Dean, College of Fine Arts, University of Tehran Housing, Neighborhood Planning, Land Development, Density, Land Use Planning, New Towns, Earthquake and Urban Planning. Faculty Host: Karen Chapple 1/22/2013 - 1/23/2014
Katarina Bajc Professor, Technical University, Munich Landscape architecture projects conceived under the influence of the non-equilibrium paradigm in ecology Kristina Hill 10/2015-7/2016
Mao Bin Associate Professor, School of Urban Design, Wuhan University Methods for urban planning & urban design; Urban preservation and revitalization; Urban traffic, land use and spatial layout; Landscape planning and design Peter C. Bosselmann 9/1/2013 - 1/31/2014
Carroll Blue Obtain feasible and sustainable urban stream restoration plan that will aid the southeast Houston community Mathias Kondolf 8/2014-5/2016
Luisa Bravo Postdoctoral Research Assistant, University of Bologna, Italy comparison between the European model and American one regarding public spaces, both for consolidated areas and for suburban ones Margaret Crawford 2012-2013
Tim Campbell Chairman of the Urban Age Institute Campbell is currently working on a follow up to his most recent book Beyond Smart Cities:  How Cities Network, Learn and Innovate, London: Routledge, 2012 (please see  Research conducted for the book showed that cities make use of internal networks of confidence to process and validate new knowledge.  Graphically, these networks look like clouds; these are called clouds of trust, and they differ from city to city Robert Cervero 2011-2012
Tamer Cetin

Associate Professor, Yildiz Technical University   Faculty Host: Elizabeth Deakin 9/1/2013 - 8/31/2014
Edwin Chan Professor, Department of Building and Real Estate,  Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong Urban renewal/heritage conservation, land use, green/healthy building, policy and regulatory for built environment, construction law/dispute management John Radke 6/1/14-12/31/14
Ioannis Chorianopoullos Assistant Professor, Department of Geography University of the Aegean Collaborative planning and urban governance capacity building Judith Innes 2011-2012
Kelsey Crowe-Moira Consultant, Oakland Unified School District   Karen Chapple 2011-2012
Flavia Cumoli Post-doctoral researcher at Free University Bruxelles, Department of History & Institute of European Studies History of housing, domestic consumption and material culture in XXth Century Europe. At IURD, Flavia Cumoli will be studying European-American transfers in the housing sector and the process of “Americanization” of European life-styles during the post-war years. Greg Castillo 2012-2013
Daniela De Leo PhD, Researcher and Assistant Professor in Urban and Regional Planning, Dept. DATA-Design, Architecture, Technology and Environmental, Sapienza University, Rome Planning theory and practices; planning challenges
in contested areas and contemporary urban conflicts.
Nezar Alsayyad 2012-2013
Alberto De Oliveira Professor, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) Big ideas for job creation.  Study some selected cases of local or regional projects in the US.  Karen Chapple 8/2015-7/2016
Liliana De Simone Professor, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago

How neoliberalism affects localities and urban development.   9/2015-11/2015
Sonja Deppisch Chair, Urban Planning and Regional Development, HafenCity University Hamburg (HCU) Linkages between resilience, planning and planning ethics and the challenges for spatial planning  Judith Innes 2011-2012
Lionel Devlieger  Visiting Professor at Ghent University, Department of Architecture and Urban Design Material flows in relation to architecture and the building industry. From intelligent, material-efficient design to building waste management strategies. At IURD, Devlieger will be studying in particular the Whole Earth Catalog. Nicholas DeMonchaux 2011-2012
Carlos Donadio  PhD, Researcher, Adjunct Professor in Physical Geography and Geomorphology, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Naples Federico II My scientific activity is focused on the study of the geomorphological and morphodynamic aspects of emerged and submerged coastal environments, river plains, land units and quantitative geomorphic analysis of the transitional environments. My research activity concerns the following sectors: 1) geomorphology of coastal and river plains; 2) coastal and submarine geomorphology and geoarchaeology; 3) physiography and littoral dynamics; 4) environmental geology. Mathias Kondolf 2012-2013
Joseph DuCote Chairman of the Executive Committee, Sutter Securities Incorporated, San Francisco Domestic and global infrastructure. David Dowall 2010-2012
Vicky Elmer Lecturer, Department of City and Regional Planning Managing fed municipal housing and infrastructure programs Robert Cervero 2010-2011
Kivanc Ertugay PhD, Urban and Region Planning Department, Selcuk University Stochastic modeling of accessibility by using GPS and MC Simulations John Radke 8/15/2013 - 5/15/2014
Ming Fu PhD, Department of Physics Engineering, Tsinghua University Human thermoregulatory model; Environmental Ergonomics; Human protection in extreme environments(cold and hot);Thermal stress & strain in hot environments; Thermal manikin modelling of heat and mass transfer in clothing; heat and mass transfer model for fire fighter clothing. Zhang Hui 2013-2014
Karen Gibson Associate Professor, Carnegie Mellon University History of neighborhood change in Portland's historically African American communities  Karen Chapple 9/2015-5/2016
Giulio Giovannoni Assistant Professor of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Florence Suburban areas in comtemporary cities, especially in Italy. Focus in understanding the various parts which make up the urban patchwork for what they are, and in applying analytical tools which may be helpful in designing public spaces. Margaret Crawford 2012-2013
Amir Gohar Site and Urban Planner Analysis of environmental impacts of tourism development along the Egyptian Red Sea coast, development of risk maps at scale suitable to inform future developments Mathias Kondolf 2011-2012
Louise Grassov  Architect, MAA. Urban Designer People focused planning - qualitative aspects/criteria will be identified, tested, and developed at a neighborhood scale. Peter Bosselmann 2011-2012
Lucas Adam Griffith Fellow of Urban Design and Development, Department of Industrial Economics, Risk Management and Planning Everyday mobility practices in contemporary redeveloopment projects, asking how mobility is structuring the social space of neighborhoood Louise Mozingo 2010-2011
Tigran Haas Associate Professor of Urban Planning+Design, KTH - Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm Urban design and sustainable urbanism, with a focus on contemporary paradigms in urban planning and design as well as focus on public space and social housing issues Robert Cervero 2010-2011
Jeremias Herberg PhD candidate, Leuphana University Luneburg, Germany Embeddedness of education in technological cultures and political economies Jeff Vincent 2/1/2015 - 30/6/2015
Lynne Horiuchi Architectural and Urban Historian

Planning, design and construction of Japanese American concentration camp

Elizabeth Deakin 5/22/2012 - 5/21/2014
Yasushi Iwabuchi Post-Doctorate, Kumato University Medical School, Japan Civic participation in the processs of decision making for community development in California Judith Innes 2011-2012
Liqi Jia  Assistant Professor, Lanzhou University of Technology, China Environmental justice in an urban national park; comparison between China national parks and national parks of the United States Jennifer Wolch 2013-2014
Caleb Johnston  Research Associate, School of Geographical and Earth Sciences, University of Glasgow, UK Civic participation in the processs of decision making for community development in California Judith Innes 2011-2012
Massami Kobayashi Professor, Meiji University, Tokyo, Japan Quality of sustainable urban design in US and Japan Peter Bosselmann 2010-2011
Joanna Kusiak Assistant Professor, Technische University Comparative urbanism, critique of property regimes, urban outcomes of economic transformation Teresa Caldeira 2/2016-6/2016
William Kutz Lecturer, University of Manchester Urban political economy Carolina Reid 6/1/2014 - 5/2016
David Leadbeater Associate Professor, Laurentian University Theories of metropolitan concentration in the economics and planning literatures in relation to resource-dependence and resource limits as well as their policy implications. Michael Southworth 2012-2013
Steffen Lehmann Chair Professor in Sustainable Design, University of South Austraila, Adelaide Low carbon districts and neighborhoods, and related urban systems; design for zero waste city; embodied energy; buildings as carbon sinks; urban form and behavior change. At IURD, Lehmann will be researching on transition strategies for urban infill using modular prefabrication and optimization of material flow. Karen Chapple 2011-2012
Alexandra Jayeun Lee Associate Professor, Yildiz Technical University Social sustainability with emphasis on urban disaster resilience and recovery; interdisciplinary applications of architectural design principles in post-disaster contexts as they affect urban policy and planning; democratization of design through open source design; design as an intersection of social factors and scientific data. Jean Pierre Protzen 1/1/2014 - 12/21/2014
Sandra Lee Ph.D and Postdoctoral Fellow at the School of Architecture, Urban Planning Department, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China Human settlements; Urban strategic planning; Environmental planning; Climate change Mathias Kondolf 2012
Liwen Li Postdoctoral Researcher Project Director, Innovosol Consulting Ltd Community-owned renewable energy projects, Low carbon community planning and Design, Collective action research Louise Mozingo 9/16/2013 - 9/15/2014
Christoph Lindner Professor of Media and Culture and Director of the ASCA Cities Project, University of Amsterdam Urban visual culture, theories and methods of comparative urban analysis, globalization and urban space. Nezar AlSayyad 7/1/2014-8/30/2014
Dan Lindheim City Manager of Oakland, CA   Jason Corburn 2013-2014
Erick-Lopez Barriga Regional Development Planner, Public Policy, Universidad Michoacana, Mexico Processes of creation of public policies for regional development in Mexico, factors influencing government decision-making on urban space plannin Ananya Roy 7/15/2013 - 7/14/2014
Fernando Magdaleno Fulbright grantee, Ministry of Public Works, Spain Hydromorphology of degraded channels and floodplains. River restoration, from early design to monitoring. At IURD, Magdaleno will be specially focused on urban reaches and altered river systems in California Mathias Kondolf 2012-2013
Nancy Marshall Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Built Environment, University of New South Wales Who and how urban places are being activated through public art, tactical urbanism, government sanctioned place-making initiatives and the design of urban plazas and parks Nezar Alsayyad 2013-2014
Carolina Maziviero Architect and Urban Planner and Ph.D. Student, University at Sao Paulo Relationship between the principles of privatism and transformation of the Brazilian city David Dowall 2011-2012
Dimitris Milakis Ph.D., Marie Curie IOF Fellow, Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, TU Delft, The Netherlands Land use, transport interaction, urban and transport planning integration, and ‘Compact City’ & ‘TOD’ planning policies Robert Cervero 2012-2013
Dan Mihai Muntean Registered Architect and Urban Designer Urban Design in China Harrison Fraker 5/1/2014 - 4/30/2015
Tamesuke Nagahashi Associate Professor, the College of Social Sciences, Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan Community development by citizen participation Deborah McKoy 2012-2013
Hien Nguyen Head of Department at the Ho Chi Minh City University of Transport, Vietnam I am spending my time at IURD to look at the nexus of transportation and land use planning. It is understood that urban transportation problems could not be solved if there is no integration policy between land use and transportation development. However, in many cities, particularly in developing countries, this issue is being neglected. I would like to use this visiting opportunity to study experiences in the US and elsewhere and, on that basis, to propose appropriate integration policies between land use and transportation planning for Vietnamese cities. Robert Cervero 10/20/2013 - 4/20/2014
Bruno Notteboom Postdoctoral Researcher, Ghent University History of landscapes and landscape research Margaret Crawford 2012-2013
Chiho Ochiai Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies, Kyoto University Community-based disaster management, Housing reconstruction after disaster Mary Camerio 10/1/2013 - 9/30/2014
Giyoung Ock Postdoctoral Researcher Trinity River restoration program, Habitatology for linking sediment dynamism and biodiversity in river basins Matthias Kondolf 2011-2013
Gabriele Oropallo Research Fellow, Design History The treatment of duration in the age of sustainable design Greg Castillo 05/01/2014 - 07/31/2014
Yelda Ozdemirli Research Fellow in Selcuk University Urban redevelopment in informal housing, urban redevelopment in residential areas, housing, community development Karen Chapple 9/1/2013-9/1/2015
Manuel Perlo Researcher, National Autonomous University of Mexico Property tax, land use policies, house, land markets, globalization, urban development David Dowall 2010-2011
Zhang Qu PhD Candidate, School of Architecture, Tsinghua University Architectural Programming of Cultural Facilities in Historic District John Kriken 2/1/2014 - 8/30/2014
Blanca Rios Touma Fellow of National Secretariat of Higher Education, Science and Technology of Ecuador Ecology, ecological quality, biodiversity and function of rivers Mathias Kondolf 2013-2014
Alejandro Rodriguez Postdoctoral Researcher, Project Director, Geografia Urbana, Consulting Firm Urban Development and Planning - Finding the right urban density Robert Cervero 9/15/2013 - 12/20/2013
Suresh Rohilla Fulbright-Nehru Environmental Leadership Program Fellow-Director, Centre for Science & Environment, New Delhi, India Water sensitive urban development and planning for environmental sustainability in developing world cities in India and other South Asian countries Ananya Roy 2012-2013
Anna Serra-Llobet Research Associate, Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (ICTA), Autonomous University of Barcelona Flood risk assessment and management strategies focusing on Mediterranean rivers and climate change influences on extreme events, and vulnerability analyses of human societies living in flood prone areas. While at Berkeley, research will be done on flood policy in the US and the EU. Mathias Kondolf 2011-2015
Ihab Shaalan Site and Urban Planner Analysis of environmental impacts of tourism development along the Egyptian Red Sea coast, development of risk maps at scale suitable to inform future developments Mathias Kondolf 2011-2012
Pablo Montero Souto PhD Student in Urban Education, University of Santiago de Compostela Ecologicially sustainable planning based on positive interaction between building spaces and unbulit areas Deborah McKoy 2010-2011
Raphael Sperry Soros Justice Fellow, Architects / Designers / Planners for Social Responsibility (ADPSR), Berkeley, California The intersection of architecture and planning with social justice. Greig Chrysler 2012-2014
Socrates Stratis Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture, University of Cyprus Establishing connections between teaching, research and practice in architecture and urbanism.   2013-2014
Reena Tiwari Visiting Professor, School of Built Environment, Curtin University Perth Ethnographies of urban form and mobility Robert Cervero 2012-2013
Jørn Toftum Associate Professor, Indoor Environment, Department of Civil Engineering, Technical University of Denmark Interaction between the indoor environment and human comfort, health and productivity; effects of the home environment on children’s health; new systems and methods for monitoring and controling building operation, occupant behavior, and indoor environment Ed Arens 2010-2011
Kadriye Topcu Ph.D., Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Selcuk University, Turkey Urban design, Urban identity and image, Spatial Quality, Shopping Areas (traditional Turkish shopping districts, shopping streets and shopping malls) and their spatial qualities. Michael Southworth 8/6/2013 - 7/31/2014
Mehment Topcu Assistant Professor, Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Selcuk University, Turkey Urban morphology, Comparative Spatial Analysis of Urban Forms, Urban Design, Space Syntax and Urban Economy. Michael Southworth 8/6/2013 - 7/31/2014
Renata Valente PhD Architect, researcher, Adjunct Professor of Environmental and Public Design, Second University of Naples Sustainable technologies for architecture and environment; recovery of open spaces. At University of California she will be researching on the re-use of fallow urban space and latent ecologies as the framework for new urban infrastructure in Campania and California. Walter Hood 2012-2013
Jorge Verschoore Professor of Business and Strategy, Unisinos University Interested in network governance, cooperative strategy, inter-organizational relations, sustainable development and social network analysis. Karen Chapple 2/2015-8/2015
Remy Vigneron Urban Designer Climate change, adaptation and urban climate policies. Margaret Crawford 2013-2014
Andrea M. G. De Vilhena PhD candidate, University of Brasilia, Centre for Sustainable Development Analyzing the relationship of a new security policy implemented in the slums of rio de janeiro, urban areas of high social vulnerability, with the development of entrepreneurship in these communities, especially those related to artisanal production performed by women. Karen Chapple 9/1/2014-1/31/2015
Chengfeng Wang Ph.D,  Associate Professor of Urban Planning / School of Architecture, South China University of Technology,China Land use and transportation; GIS application in urban planning and urban design; urban renewal Margaret Crawford 8/2014-8/2015
Di Wang Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture Shanghai Jiguang College Color design in sustainable urban development. Dan Chatman 2013-2014
Lang Wei  Faculty of Construction and Environment, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University  A set of model for planning policy towards urban smart growth, assess the appropriateness and the principles for taking on smart growth in China megacity. John D. Radke 2013-2014
Julian Wekel Professor and Chair, Darmstadt University of Technology Urban design and regional identity in San Francisco Bay Peter Bosselmann 2010-2011
Jinbo Yan PhD Candidate, School of Architecture, Tsinghua University Research interests lay in the theories and research methods of city marketing process in urban regeneration and successive environmental design, meanwhile to join in the translation work of Professor Bosselmann's academic writing "Urban Transformation: Understanding City Design and Form". Peter Bosselmann 2011-2012
Zhong Xing Professor Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, Chongqing University, China Ecologicially sustainable planning based on positive interaction between building spaces and unbulit areas Robert Cervero 2010-2011
Tang Yang College of Architecture and Planning, Tongji University, China   Harrison Fraker 2010-2011
Ye Yang Doctoral Student School of Architecture, Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT), China Theories of metropolitan concentration in the economics and planning literatures in relation to resource-dependence and resource limits as well as their policy implications. Robert Cervero 9/1/13-8/31/14
Yongling Yao Ph.D,  Associate Professor, Renmin University of California Research focuses on cluster innovation by co-location Karen Chapple 10/14-8/15
Xin'an Yin Professor, School of Environment, Beijing Normal University Eco-friendly reservoir operation for downstream river morphology Mathias Kondolf  2011-2012
Steve Chin Yiu Head of Town Planning, MTR Corporation, Hong Kong Implementation of transit oriented development, mainly in developing countries and China Robert Cervero 1/2016-3/2016
Haiyi Yu Associate Professor at College of Architecture and Civil Engineering, North China University of Technology, Beijing Urban Planning History and Theory; Cultural Landscape Studies Judith E. Innes 10/1/2013 - 9/30/2014
Chang Geun Yoo PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Architecture, Mokpo National University, South Korea Formative methods & evaluation of urban street scape on architectural design control. Kyle Steinfeld 2012-2013
Xiang Zhang Research Associate, Nanjing University  X.ZHANG@NJU.EDU.CN Space time coupling analysis on NIMBY effects of Urban Public facilites for risk aversion. John Radke 8/10/2015 - 8/9/2016
Xu Zhen Assistant Professor, College of Landscape Architecture, Nanjing Forestry University Open space morphology, urban park transformation, landscape planning and design, and design education. Galen Cranz 7/1/2012 - 1/31/2014