UC Berkeley Health study documents impacts to Bay Area from possible hospital closure

The IURD recently completed a Rapid Health Impact Assessment (RHIA) of the likely population health impacts of the closing of Alta Bates hospital in Berkeley, California. IURD researchers found that the closure may have significant impacts on the well-being of the region, particularly in the areas of birthing, emergency department access and disaster response. The closure may also adversely impact Cal students’ access to a full service hospital.  According to lead author and IURD Director, Professor Jason Corburn, “our research found that the closure of Alta Bates hospital could adversely impact the health of all populations in the East Bay, but particularly those in Richmond and Contra Costa County, and those already vulnerable, such as the elderly, homeless and uninsured populations. A comprehensive plan is needed to ensure all populations and places have access to quality and affordable health services.”  Read the full report below and an article in the Berkeleyside news about the report’s findings here