Professor Jason Corburn and the IURD Complete Report for Advance Peace Sacramento

Professor Jason Corburn and the IURD have completed a report for Advance Peace Sacramento, entitled, Advance Peace Sacramento, Learning & Evaluation 2018 Progress Report. Advance Peace,, is a national non-profit that works to reduce gun violence in urban neighborhoods by providing mentoring and transformational opportunities to those at the center of community firearm hostilities. The UC Berkeley researchers found that the program’s street outreach workers, called Neighborhood Change Agents, engaged over 2,800 people in just six months of work in Sacramento.  The program mediated 94 community conflicts, interrupted 17 potentially retaliatory gun violence conflicts & responded to another 20 shootings – preventing further escalation of gun violence. Advance Peace Sacramento invested over 3,600 hours into street-level engagement and gun violence interruption in just the last six months of 2018. 

The report notes that this was the first year of the Sacramento program and there were significant start-up costs. However, the Advance Peace project has managed to develop trust on the streets of Sacramento and is poised to increase their impact on gun violence in the three specific neighborhoods the City has asked them to target, including South Sacramento, Oak Park & Del Paso Heights.  The report notes, but does not analyze the causes for, a reduction in gun homicides in two of the three Sacramento neighborhoods between 2017 and 2018.  More detailed information can be found in the attached report.  Download the report here.