IURD Partners with Advance Peace as Co-Lead Evaluators

IURD is honored to partner with Advance Peace as part of its research and evaluation team. Advance Peace is an organization that takes a public health approach to interrupt gun violence in U.S. urban neighborhoods by providing transformational opportunities to young men involved in lethal firearm offenses and placing them in individual, personalized fellowships. With the support of both public- and community-based stakeholders, Advance Peace connects hard-to-reach populations in urban areas with anti-violence programming, breaking the cycle of gun violence.

Advance Peace's model was first implemented by its founder and chief executive officer DeVone Boggan in Richmond, CA. As the founding director of Richmond's Office of Neighborhood Safety (ONS), Mr. Boggan helped Richmond experience an 80 percent reduction in firearm assaults between 1990 and 2014; of the 84 fellows enrolled from 2010 to 2015, 79 are still alive, 69 haven't had a firearm-related injury, and 64 haven't been suspects in a firearm-related crime.

IURD will also be partnering with the National Council on Crime and Delinquency (NCCD), a group with deep experience evaluating community violence reduction strategies. To read more on Advance Peace, visit its website at https://www.advancepeace.org/.