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Seminar Series:

Infilling California: Tools and Strategies for Infill Development


Sponsored by the Center for a Sustainable California and IURD, and co-sponsored by the Urban Land Institute of San Francisco, the Association of Bay Area Governments, the California Infill Builders Association, and the Center for Law, Energy, and the Environment at BerkeleyLaw.

This seminar-lecture series sheds light on how to advance infill development in California as a viable alternative to urban sprawl. Speakers discuss ways to address challenges and emerging opportunities for infill as California's economic and demographic conditions and environmental mandates change.


Now Online: Seminar Presentation Materials and Podcasts (Where Available)

Seminar 1 Policies and Programs for Sustainable Urban Futures

Seminar 2 Best Practices in Infill Development

Seminar 3 Sustainability, Design and Community in Infill Development

Seminar 4 Creative Financial Tools and Techniques for Infill

Seminar 5 Retrofitting Suburbia

Seminar 6 "Hidden" Density: The potential of small-scale infill development



Infilling California Seminar Series flyer.