IURD Visiting Scholar Gerard Salem presents his talk "Urban Place: Health Matters. But What is a Place? A Geographical Point of View" at t

Visiting Scholars Program


This program is intended for faculty members from other universities on sabbatical leave, post-doc researchers and professionals with PhD or other terminal degrees seeking a place to think, write, and reflect. The application process is very competitive, and it is essential that there is a relationship between your interests and the research being conducted at IURD. We ask you to author a publication while in residence; if appropriate, we will publish it as an IURD working paper. We also encourage you to present your work at the IURD Visiting Scholars’ Roundtable. Visiting scholars are to be in residence for no longer than one year.

If your research is not connected to IURD projects, or if you are a PhD student, you will need to apply to one of the departmental visiting scholar programs. Contact the faculty member with whom you wish to affiliate, and ask for guidance in the departmental application process.