Transit and Cities-Past, Present, Future

Transit & Cities Spring 2014 Series

Event 3: "Transit & Cities: Past, Present, FuturE"

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March 20-21, 2014

This two-day conference was the last of three events produced by IURD in Spring 2014, highlighting a growing movement that places transit, in its many shapes and forms, front and center in the campaign to create sustainable urban futures.

Transit & Cities: Past, Present, Future

Selected Presentations Downloadable by Clicking Links Below

Plenary Session 1: International Perspectives

Moderator and Speaker:
Elizabeth Deakin (Former Director, UCTC; UCB)

Other Speakers:
Robert Cervero (UCB) "Bus Transit & Urban Development"
Harrison Fraker (UCB) "Climate Change and TOD- Implications for Design of the Public Realm"
Erick Guerra (University of Pennsylvania) "Suburban Land Use and Transit in Mexico City"

Plenary Session 2: Transit and Urban Design

Moderator and Speaker:
Elizabeth Macdonald (UCB) "Transit and Urban Design: Perspectives from Practice and Research"

Other Speakers:
Joyce Drohan (Perkins & Will) "Moving Well: Designing Communities for Mobility"
Scot Hein (City of Vancouver Urban Design Studio) "TOD: Towards the Legibility of Cities (Vancouver Case Studies)"
Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris (UCLA) "New Rail Hubs along High Speed Rail Corridors: The Urban Design Challenge"
Jeff Tumlin (Nelson\Nygaard) "Transit and Urban Design"

Plenary Session 3: Inclusive Cities and Transit

Moderator and Speaker:
Karen Chapple (UCB) "Transit and Displacement: Understanding the Relationship"

Other Speakers:
Evelyn Blumenberg (UCLA) "Inclusive Cities and Transit"
Deborah McKoy (UCB Center for Cities & Schools) "The Role for Families & Young People in Inclusive Cities & Transit"
Rachel Weinberger (Nelson\Nygaard) "Shared Mobility and Equity: Aspirations and Reality"

Plenary Session 4: The Economics of Sustainable Transport

Moderator and Speaker:
Dan Chatman (UCB) "The economics of transit & cities"

Other Speakers:
Dena Belzer (Strategic Economics) "Value Capture and Sustainable Transit"
Michael Duncan (Florida State University) "Measuring Transit-Land Use Synergies Through Housing Price Models: Evidence from San Diego, CA"
Jin Murakami (City University of Hong Kong) "Airport Access Transit & Economic Benefits: Findings from Asia"

Plenary Session 5: Modeling and Visualizing Urban Futures

Moderator and Speaker:
Paul Waddell (UCB) "Bringing Regional Visions to Reality: Modeling, Visualization and Community Engagement"

Other Speakers:
Clint Daniels (SANDAG-San Diego Association of Governments) "Transit and Cities"
Gordon Garry (SACOG-Sacramento Area Council of Governments) "A Performance-Based Transportation and Land Use Plan for the Sacramento Region"
David Ory (MTC-Metropolitan Transportation Commission) "Modeling is Everything"

EVENT SPONSOR AND HOST: Institute of Urban and Regional Development
EVENT CO-SPONSOR: University of California Transportation Center, UC Berkeley