Research Projects


This report represents a statewide examination of the college admissions and choice process as experienced by African American students admitted to the UC system for the Fall 2015 admissions cycle.  The report was written by the Principal Investigators of Project Excel (Examining College Choice, Enrollment & Linkages) who are faculty across four UC campuses, including IURD Associate Director, Malo Hutson.


UrbanSim is a modeling system developed to support the need for analyzing the potential effects of land use policies and infrastructure investments on the development and character of cities and regions.

Developing a New Methodology for Analyzing Potential Displacement

The displacement project is intended to assist agencies as they move to finalize their Sustainable Communities Strategies under SB 375, the Sustainable Communities and Climate Protection Act of 2008, passed in response to AB 32, the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006. 

Analyzing the Economic Benefits and Costs of Smart Growth Strategies, 2012-2014

This project is a study of how smart growth strategies likely to be adopted under SB 375 will influence economic costs and benefits among different groups in California, with a focus on municipalities and households. 

An Exploration of Fixed Guideway Transit Criteria Revisited, 2010-2013

This study was undertaken to develop a relatively sophisticated data-driven “indicator-based” method for predicting the potential success of proposed light rail and heavy rail transit services in the United States. 

Connecting Cairo to the Nile: Renewing Life and Heritage on the River

Except for a few heavily-used areas of public access, the banks of the Nile are currently off limits for most citizens because of private and military uses. Reclaiming the banks of the Nile for the people of Cairo will provide much-needed green space and make the river once again the heart of this dynamic and richly-textured city.

Parks, Open Space, and Recreation: Infrastructure for Healthy and Sustainable Cities 

IURD Faculty Affiliate and College of Environmental Design Dean Jennifer Wolch is part of a team that has investigated relationships between the urban built environment, physical activity and public health; developed metrics and tools for the analysis of park and recreation access; characterized inequities across demographic groups and communities in metropolitan regions; studied urban trails and alleys as infrastructure for health promotion and sustainability; and examined the ways in which racialization of park space may influence park use. 

Sustainable and Inclusive Regions Initiative (SIRI)

The purpose of this initiative is to bring together UC Berkeley planning, engineering, and design faculty members' research and ideas on transit, housing, and jobs to develop policies for regions that are sustainable and inclusive.