Prof. Dan Kammen on an equitable transition to a clean energy economy

Reducing Inequality in a Sustainable World Conference: Spring 2015

As the global movement for sustainability is gaining steam, inequality continues growing rapidly. How can we slow inequality and poverty while increasing the sustainability of our living patterns and economies? This conference brings together economists, sociologists, ecologists, anthropologists, planners, and policymakers to outline the issues and discuss potential solutions. Three panels address sustainability and inequality from the perspective of cities and regions, measurement, and global growth. The goal of the conference is not just to expose the hard tradeoffs between environmental sustainability and economic growth and equity, but also to offer the possibility of transformation via alternative frameworks for measurement and action. 

Selected Presentations Downloadable by Clicking Links Below

Morning Keynote

Silvan Kartha: "Climate Change and Equity"

Plenary Session 1: Making Cities Livable for All

Moderator & Speaker: Karen Chapple (UCB)  "Sustainable for Whom?"

Daniel Kammen (UCB) "Making Cities Sustainable for All"

Rachel Morello-Frosch (UCB) "Sustainability and Social Equity"

Teresa Caldeira (UCB)

Plenary Session 2: Policies to Promote Sustainability In a More Equitable World

Clair Brown (UCB) "Judging Economic Performance as Quality of Life"

Margaret Taylor (LBNL) "CO2 Policy and Win-Wins"

David Anthoff (UCB) "Climate Cost-Benefit Analysis in an Unequal World"

Peter Barnes (Author) "Sustainablility, Inequality, and Common Wealth"

Plenary Session 3: Reducing Global Inequality in a Sustainable World

Betty Deakin (UCB) "Urban Development and Transportation"

Isha Ray (UCB) "Sustainable Development and Gender Equality: a Post-2015 Perspective"

Marshall Burke (Stanford) "Climate Change and Global Inequality"

Closing Panel: What's Next for California

Dr. Carol Zabin (Research Director, UCB Labor Center)

Kevin de Leon (President Pro Tempore of the California State Senate)

Mary Nichols (Chair of California Air Resources Board)

Robbie Hunter (President of State Building & Construction Trades Council of California)

Hosted by the UC Berkeley Institute of Urban and Regional Development and the Institute for Research on Labor and Employment