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uptown oaklandInfilling California: Tools and Strategies for Infill Development

Friday May 6: Seminar 6: "Hidden" Density: The potential of small-scale infill development

Podcast and slide show

"The City of Santa Cruz ADU Program," presented by Carol Berg

Housing and Community Development Manager, City of Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz Accessory Dwelling Unit Program )

Berg oversees the City of Santa Cruz’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund and Inclusionary Housing Program as well as the HUD CDBG and HOME Programs. In 2003 Berg developed Santa Cruz’s Accessory Dwelling Unit Program, which won national APA, AI and EPA awards. As Community Development District Manager for the City of Santa Ana, CA, Berg developed the award-winning Cornerstone Village housing project, using CC&R agreements to transform a high-crime area of the city at one-sixth the cost of similar projects. On the private sector side, Berg worked in New York City as an urban designer and planner for the consultant firm of BFHK, Inc. Berg has a BA from University of Washington and an MLA from Harvard University. 

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